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Straight to the Point: Pros and Cons of Centralized Return AirOur Viewpoint: The disadvantages outweigh the benefits, primarily due to overflow issuesToday, I bring to you an old problem: "Centralized return air or room-by-room return air?" . I want to talk about the technical defects and industry r

24 November 2023

As Quality of Life Standards Increase, people began to pay attention to the quiet and livable home environment. However, as more and more household appliances enter the home, the sources of noise in the home environment have also increased significantly, seriously affecting consumers' daily life and

11 April 2023
Haixin Junlan project.jpg

Haixin Junlan Project is situated in the heart of the Maidao District in Qingdao. Overlooking the stunningly beautiful 1.7km coastline in the south, earning it recognition among luxury homes in Qingdao.

20 April 2023

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