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air circulation 350 cfm wholesale industrial attic ERV

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Product Overview

Easy Maintenance for Top Performance

Our MVHR system has filters that are super important. They help keep the air clean, make sure your system runs efficiently, and don’t let your energy costs creep up. You should give these filters a wash or swap them out for new ones every half a year to a year.

The system's big plus is the heat exchanger. It’s built to last as long as your system does, and it only needs a simple clean with a germ-fighting cleaner every few years to keep doing its job well.

Air Quality Tailored for Your Home

Depending on where you live and what you need, our system comes with a variety of filters:

  • G3 & G4 filters are great for everyday filtering, especially if you live in the countryside or a place with clean outside air.

  • F7 filters are like a shield against pollen – perfect for when allergy season hits.

  • HEPA filters are the heavy-duty ones. They’re for folks with serious allergies or health issues and catch even the tiniest dirt particles.

  • ION filters zap bacteria and small pollution particles with electricity, making the air super clean.

  • Activated carbon filters are special because you can clean and use them over and over. They help clear up any bad smells or pollution from a bit of traffic.

Why Go with Dpurat Company?

  • Top in the Field: We're the best in the business when it comes to MVHR ventilators.

  • A Range for Everyone: No matter if it’s for your home or a big building, we’ve got plenty of options.

  • Personalized Design: Our team is here to create a system that’s just right for your space.

  • Always Here to Help: With Dpurat, you get a support team that’s ready to make sure your system is always running smoothly.


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