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Dpurat ventilating dehumidifier for capillary cube system —— Haixin Junlan project

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Haixin Junlan project

Haixin Junlan Project is situated in the heart of the Maidao District in Qingdao. Overlooking the stunningly beautiful 1.7km coastline in the south, earning it recognition among luxury homes in Qingdao.

In 2021, Haixin Junlan underwent inspection and rigorous evaluation by the Shandong Green Building Association and was awarded with the "National Three-Star Standard Healthy Building" certification. This certification is currently the only certificate with both logos of "China Green Building Association" and "Global Green Building Association" in China – the highest level certificate within China healthy building field.

Healthy building certificate

The Haixin Junlan Project is located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, where the east and south sides are flanked by the sea. With abundant water vapor and high humidity levels in the air, the summer climate is particularly humid, especially from July to September. Outdoor humidity tends to remain above 80% for extended periods. High humidity levels can have a detrimental impact on both human health and furniture/appliances in the home. Recent surveys suggest that walls in nearby residential areas start to come apart after only one year of decoration, and wooden furniture begins to suffer from moisture damage.


Haixin Junlan new standard of living and health in the new era is achieved with the help from Dpurat capillary network ventilating dehumidifier. Haixin Junlan introduced Dpurat capillary system ventilating dehumidifier, which solved the humidity problem while introducing fresh air. In extreme working conditions, the humidity near the vents is regulated at 35-40%, and indoor humidity is kept between 50-60%, effectively solving the issue of humidity. This eliminates a major worry for homeowners looking to buy a house, while also providing field-tested solutions to similar coastal communities concerning humidity.

ventilating dehumidifier

The capillary network radiation system is widely used due to its efficiency, energy-saving capabilities, environmental friendliness, comfort, and health benefits. However, its application in high-temperature and high-humidity areas is limited mainly because of the issue of condensation. Additionally, when the temperature of the capillary network surface is lower than the dew point temperature of the indoor air, condensation forms on its surface, allowing bacteria to grow and adversely affecting indoor air quality.

capillary cube system

Combining the capillary network with the fresh air dehumidification system can effectively prevent condensation. The capillary network processes the indoor sensible heat load, while the fresh air dehumidification system regulates the latent heat load and humidity, keeping the temperature of the cold radiation surface above the dew point temperature - creating a natural ventilation environment that meets sustainable requirements.



  • Tailor-made for the capillary network radiation system: While introducing fresh air, it completely solves the frosting problem of the capillary network radiation system.

  • Intelligent humidity control: it can dehumidify whether the cold radiation system is turned on or off.

  • Water coil anti-freezing: intelligently monitor the coil temperature, and automatically warn when the temperature exceeds the set temperature.

  • International famous brand compressor: safe and stable operation for a long time, long life, high compression efficiency.

  • Branded DC motor: low energy consumption, high efficiency, stable operation and strong power.

  • Strong drainage mode allows automatic discharge of condensed water;

  • water full protection stops the machine working when detected.

  • The touch screen display makes operation and control convenient.

  • Combined sensors of indoor CO2 , fresh air temperature, supply air humidity, indoor temperature, and indoor humidity, makes it easy to monitor air quality.

  • High-end intelligence: The whole series is equipped with 485 communication interface as standard, which is convenient for network control.

  • Scheduled reminder for filter changes.

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