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Unlocking the Secrets of Dpurat noise lab

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As Quality of Life Standards Increase, people began to pay attention to the quiet and livable home environment. 

However, as more and more household appliances enter the home, the sources of noise in the home environment have also increased significantly, seriously affecting consumers' daily life and sleep. To remain competitive and meet customer expectations, manufacturers must adopt low-noise technologies for their products.

With the increasing stringent industry standards of the fresh air ventilation system, the fresh air ventilation system has developed from a simple exhaust fan to a complex "fresh air purification unit", and the market continues to put forward higher requirements for ventilation technology.

Now the fresh air ventilation system has increasingly complex geometric structures and airtight designs. In the past, product tests could only be sent to cooperative laboratories for testing, and would take a week. Dpurat has made it a priority to work on reducing noise levels to maximize comfort and health for users. To do so, we have invested in our own state-of-the-art laboratory which allows them to rapidly test and develop ERV that meet industry standards.

The laboratory is the first-line "battlefield" of inspection and testing work, and it is also the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer. For a better user experience, the production and development of each product has gone through the process of small test, pilot test and batch trial production, and the laboratory can help us conduct fine analysis of the product performance.

Step Inside Dpurat National Noise Lab.

Dpurat noise laboratory adopts the conceptual solution of a room in a room, which can achieve an ultra-low background noise of only 19 decibels. In this closed space, 5 walls are covered with trapezoidal alloy sound-absorbing materials. In this way, the medium for propagating sound waves can extend infinitely in all directions evenly, and without the interference of environmental noise, the sound radiated by the sound source can "freely" propagate.


The laboratory is divided into two rooms, A and B. Each room is equipped with an independent air inlet and outlet duct, which complies with ISO 3745-2012, GB/T6882-2016 and other test standards.


Each anechoic room adopts independent sound insulation and vibration isolation infrastructure, and does not interfere with each other when testing. Room A is the outside room, and room B is inside room.


Let's see how do our engineers test the noise of the fresh air system.

Tens of thousands of tests that have been conducted in Dpurat lab have resulted in superior quality industrial ERV with extremely low noise levels. An optimal user experience is ensured through vibration control of the motor, fan, compressor — all parts which contribute towards a positive outcome for customers.


For users, the noise of the fresh air system must be one of the factors to consider when purchasing.

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