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ceiling mounting low noise circulation 300 cfm supplier ERV

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MVHR Unit: Maintenance & Air Quality Enhancement

Product Description

Invest in the sustained excellence of your home's atmosphere with our Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. 

Maintenance and Performance

At the core of our MVHR system's performance is the upkeep of filters, crucial for Guaranteed Installed Performance, energy efficiency, and superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). To uphold these standards, we advocate for the cleaning or replacement of filters biannually or annually.

The system's heat exchanger, engineered for longevity, demands minimal attention—just an antibacterial cleaning every three to five years to maintain its pristine condition and functionality.

Optimizing Indoor Air Quality

Our system adapts to diverse environmental needs and occupant sensitivities:

  • G3 & G4 filters offer robust filtration, ideal for rural homes or areas with standard outdoor air quality.

  • F7 filters act as a bulwark against pollen, enhancing protection for those seasonal sensitivities.

  • HEPA filters cater to those with severe asthma or health concerns, ensuring high-level filtration.

  • ION filtration employs electrical charges to trap bacteria and airborne pollens, effectively reducing particulate matter to below PM2.5.

  • Activated sprayed carbon filters provide a reusable solution to neutralize odors and contaminants from light road traffic.

Why Choose Dpurat Company?

  • Leading Manufacturer: As the premier MVHR ventilator provider, we lead the market with our commitment to excellence.

  • Diverse Range: Catering to both residential and commercial needs, our extensive selection promises a fit for any application.

  • Custom Designs: We provide OEM service. 

  • Comprehensive Support: With Dpurat, you gain full access to our technical support, ensuring that your MVHR system achieves its optimal performance.

Choose Dpurat for an unwavering commitment to quality.


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