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G3 filter horizontal noiseless internal circulation 400 cfm ERV

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Fresh Air MVHR System: Easy Upkeep for Pure Air

Item Summary

Enjoy the feeling of fresh, clean air in your home while keeping those energy bills at bay with our user-friendly Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit. A little bit of regular maintenance is all it takes to keep this system performing optimally, ensuring a steady flow of clean air in your home.

Straightforward Care for Reliable Results

At the core of our MVHR system are its filters, the champions of air quality and energy efficiency. These filters are key in maintaining pure air and keeping your energy expenses low. To keep everything running smoothly, it's best to clean or replace these filters about every six months to a year.

The heat exchanger is a durable component of our system, designed to stand the test of time with minimal upkeep. A simple cleaning with an anti-germ cleaner every three to five years is sufficient to keep it in prime condition.

Custom Air Solutions for Your Space

Our system offers a selection of filters tailored to your location and personal requirements:

  • G3 & G4 filters are perfect for regular use, especially suitable for rural homes or areas with naturally clean air.

  • F7 filters act as a barrier against pollen, ideal for allergy season.

  • HEPA filters are the ultimate choice for those with severe allergies or health concerns, capturing even the smallest of air pollutants.

  • ION filters effectively trap bacteria and fine pollutants through electrical charge, ensuring extremely clean air.

  • Activated carbon filters are reusable and excellent at eliminating odors and minor pollution from occasional traffic.

Why Choose Dpurat Company?

  • Industry Leader: We're recognized as the premier creators of MVHR systems.

  • Diverse Selection: We provide a wide array of systems to suit any home or commercial building.

  • Tailor-Made Systems: Our experts can design a system that fits your unique space perfectly.

  • Dedicated Support: The Dpurat team is always available to provide you with support, ensuring your MVHR system functions at its best.

Opt for Dpurat for consistently pure air and a system that delivers longevity and reliability.



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