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oem home G3-F9 filter centralized compact ERV

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Product Description

Experience the serenity of pollutant-free air and energy efficiency with our user-friendly Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. Simple, routine maintenance is the key to preserving its pristine operation, providing you with a continuous supply of purified air within your abode.

Maintenance Made Easy for Consistent Quality

Our MVHR system boasts high-quality filters, vital for trapping contaminants and ensuring that your energy consumption stays low. Regular care, involving cleaning or filter replacement semi-annually or annually, is all it takes for peak performance.

The heart of the system is the heat exchanger, engineered for endurance with only occasional cleaning required. An anti-bacterial cleanse every few years guarantees its long-term effectiveness.

Adapted Filtration for Your Living Environment

We offer a diverse range of filters to meet the specific air quality needs of your home:

  • G3 & G4 filters deliver solid everyday air filtration, especially apt for areas with less polluted outdoor air.

  • F7 filters provide a defense against pollen, making them a seasonal ally for allergy sufferers.

  • HEPA filters offer superior air purification, ideal for individuals with acute allergies or respiratory conditions, capturing ultra-fine particles.

  • ION filters utilize electrical charges to capture bacteria and tiny pollution particles, offering an advanced level of cleanliness.

  • Activated carbon filters are unique in their reusability and prowess in neutralizing odors and filtering out low-level pollution from nearby traffic.

Choosing Dpurat Company Means:

  • Expertise and Excellence: Our reputation as the best in MVHR system provision is well-earned.

  • Versatile Range: From domestic to commercial applications, we offer solutions for every setting.

  • Custom-Designed Systems: We specialize in configuring systems perfectly suited to your premises.

  • Comprehensive Support: Our dedicated Dpurat support team ensures your MVHR system remains in flawless operation.


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