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vertical large 350M3 airflow 600 cfm price ERV

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Ease of Use with Maximum Benefits

One of the standout features of the PureAir MVHR system is its hassle-free maintenance. Armed with top-tier filters, our unit is your shield against indoor air contaminants. This not only guarantees clean air but also ensures energy efficiency. A periodic check and the occasional filter replacement are all it takes to keep the system at peak performance.

Our state-of-the-art heat exchanger, a core component, functions flawlessly with minimal upkeep. Regular cleaning wards off microbial growth, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

Customizable Filtration for Every Need

Dive into our diverse filter range to find the perfect match for your indoor air needs:

  • Standard G3 & G4 filters: Ideal for day-to-day air filtration, especially for homes in quieter neighborhoods.

  • F7 filters: Designed to combat pollen and other allergens, ensuring you remain sneeze-free during allergy season.

  • HEPA filters: The perfect companion for those with acute allergies or respiratory issues, proficient at trapping ultra-fine particles.

  • ION filters: Utilizing advanced ionization techniques to neutralize bacteria and airborne pollutants for an enhanced cleaning experience.

  • Activated carbon filters: Perfect for city dwellers, these filters are adept at neutralizing odors and trapping urban pollutants.

Why Choose PureAir?

  • Legacy of Excellence: Years of dedication to crafting superior MVHR solutions.

  • Versatile Offerings: From cozy apartments to sprawling offices, we have a solution for every space.

  • Tailored Systems: Customized solutions to cater to the distinctive needs of each property.

  • Dedicated Assistance: The PureAir support brigade is always on standby, ensuring your MVHR unit operates without a hitch.


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