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Dpurat energy recovery ventilator is the best choice for customers who want to profit in the HVAC business. From industrial ERV and residential ERV to passive house ERV, we provide models of various airflow from 80 to 100000 m³/h.

Our heat exchangers are designed and tested independently with patented technology. Typical efficiencies range from 55% to 75%, some models can reach up to 82% efficiency.

The motor is sourced from well-known brands for maximum energy efficiency and long-lasting silent fans. The filters have a large dust-holding capacity and a long service life. This ensures our ERVs remain efficient, reliable, and safe. Our use of high-quality steel makes each model durable and reliable even in extreme conditions.

We also guarantee excellent after-sales service and quick delivery so you won't miss out on any business opportunity.

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Contact Dpurat

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