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Zhongtian Meihao · Chenjin Xuefu

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Address:No. 6 Building at the intersection of Xinmin Road and Hengtan Road, Jincheng Street, Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Developer:Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Equipment model:DBDF-70B-30D-DH (38 sets)

Project Overview:he first passive commercial and residential comprehensive project in Zhejiang with area of 24,908.6㎡.

From product support to overall solutions

From the product supporting thinking to the change of the overall solution thinking. Holtop can propose more rational whole solution based on the positioning and characteristics of the Enjoy real estate.

In December 2021, Dpurat won the Zhongtian Meihao · Chenjin Xuefu bid of passive house air handling units. The reason why Dpurat stood out from more than 20 domestic and foreign brands is because of our complete service. We upgraded our service from product support to overall solutions. Dpurat can propose whole solution based on the position and characteristics of real estate.

1.  After technical research on issues such as dehumidification, shading, energy recovery, cold and hot bridge treatment, maintenance structure, and operation format under the climatic conditions of hot summer and cold winter in China, we finally Chose 130mm graphite polystyrene board for external insulation, three-glass two-chamber passive window and passive house air handling units to achieve constant temperature, humidity and oxygen.

2.  Dpurat air handling units have functions of heating, cooling, dust removal, dehumidification, and energy recovery, etc. PM2. 5 filtration efficiency reaches over 99%. Indoor CO2 density can be controlled within 800ppm. It can effectively isolate pollen, dust and other pollution particles, very friendly to people with sensitive constitutions, ensuring 24 hours fresh air, bring you free breathing.


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