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Dpurat Effective IAQ Management in School buildings and classrooms

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Why maintaining fresh IAQ on campus is very important?

Good IAQ keeps students in health and improve their academic performance, but it is often the most easily overlooked.

IAQ issues in school buildings

1. Dense populations of teachers, students and staff

2. Low ventilation rates

3. Worsening air pollution

Take action today!

Dpurat ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) technology has ensured many children a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

Dpurat professional solutions in managing classroom IAQ

Dpurat engineers took these factors into carefully consideration before determining the best approach.

1.Ventilation airflow

Without proper ventilation,CO2 levels in the classrooms may rise to a point that the students become tired and are less able to learn. The demand of fresh air is related to those factors such as classroom area, student number, school location and local climate, etc.

2.Filtration efficiency

Many manufacturers always pitch how good their filtering products are. But what consumers care about is how the filters work after a period time of use. So school officials should pay attention to the filtration efficiency combined with factors such as the material, quantity, thickness, and area.

3.Energy recovery function

Energy recovery is the core function in ERV or HRV system, which is more important in hot and cold places. This function allows children to stay in a space with less temperature change, less possibilities of catching cold, fever, mutual infection and thus greatly improves attendance rate.

4.Noise level

Students may be hindered from hearing the teacher if the noise of the ERV device is too loud. Dpurat floor standing ERV AHE-38L/DP makes noise only 36 dB.

5.Installing consideration

The ceiling mount ERV is not recommended for well decorated school since it will damage the school decoration and influence the normal school activity. Engineers recommend floor standing type, which is fast installed with only punching two holes in wall and installing the pipes and machines, no impact on ceiling and teaching activity.

6.Moderate electricity bill

An ERV device providing fresh air for the entire classroom with 24 hours running a day only takes 1-2 kWh of electricity. Suppose school time is 8 hours, so the device takes less than 1-2 kWh per day. So school officials don’t have to worry about the failure in their budget plan because of the high electricity cost.


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