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By-Pass Intelligent Controller DC Motor Energy Recovery Ventilation System Erv


Basic Info.

Model No. ERV250DCP2SB1,  ERV350DCP2SB1 Cooling/Heating Energy Recovery
Heat Exchanger Type Plate Fin Cross Counter Flow Total Heat Exchanger Power Type Direct current
Airflow 250m³/h, 350m³/h Install Type Ceiling suspended
Control System LCD Remote Intelligent Controller Heat Exchanger Material Er Paper
Feature Function By-pass Function Power Supply 220V
Villa, Office, Hotel... etc Transport Package Carton box, Plywood
Origin Taizhou, China Trademark Dpurat, OEM, Blank


FX features


  • Patented heat exchanger

        Features high energy recovery efficiency of 76%.

  • DC motor international brand 

    Efficient and low-noise.

  • Built-in bypass

    During mild spring and autumn months when the outdoor air temperature and humidity are acceptable. This allows fresh outdoor air to be introduced into the indoor space without exchanging heat with the outgoing air, which helps to reduce costs.

  • Imported high-efficiency filter

    Ensures that your home will be free of harmful particles. 

  • Fourth generation of centrifugal wind wheel

    Ensures whisper-quiet operation.

  • High static pressure design

    Helps to maintain effective airflow control while minimizing energy losses. 


  • Primary filter

Primary filter is made of aluminium alloy frame and rubber filtration materials with nice appearance and longe service life.

  • HEPA filter

The HEPA F9 Filter helps to effectively filter out particles as small as 2.5μm, drastically improving the quality of the air in any given indoor space. This makes a noticeable difference when it comes to air purity and overall wellbeing.

  • Activated carbon filter

The Activated Carbon Filter is great for eliminating odors, gases and volatile organic compounds. It can make the air in any given indoor space a lot fresher and cleaner smelling.

3 layer filters

The Second to None Patented Counter Flow Enthalpy Exchanger provide an impressive heat recovery efficiency of up to 76%, allowing for moisture transfer between fresh and exhaust air in order to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and humidity.

heat exchanger hexagon

The international brand DC motor offers strong power and extended service life. 

By utilizing brushless frequency conversion technology, the speed is regulated directly by the main board, reducing energy consumption to a mere 1 kWh for 24 hours. 

The double shock absorption structure ensures a quiet and comfortable environment.

Fourth generation centrifugal impeller provides stable operation with even and adequate air volume. 

Fan volute follows an Archimedes spiral curve design, allowing for smoother air flow, decreased air resistance and reduced noise levels.

fan dispossal 3

The LCD touch screen control provides a simple and stylish design.

Timed reminder for filter replacement ensures optimized user-friendliness.

FX ERV controller


Villa, apartment, buildings, etc. 


  1. Q: What payment services do you offer?

    A: We offer T/T, L/C and Western Union as payment services.

  2. Q: What technical services do you provide?

    A: We provide technical services such as capacity calculation and model recommendation, design and development of new products in addition to our standard products, professional technical support for installation, debugging, operation and spare parts supply during and after the warranty time.

  3. Q: What after-sales services do you provide?

    A: We provide technical support for installation, operation and maintenance. 2 year’s warranty of ERV, 5 years' of motor. old customer discounts when ordering products again.

  4. Q: What customized services do you offer?

    A: We offer OEM/ODM services, as well as new product research and development services.


Model  ERV250DCP2SB1 ERV350DCP2SB1


110W 135W


250m³/h 350m³/h

Static pressure

120Pa 150Pa

Enthalpy efficiency

75% 76%


38dB(A) 40dB(A)

Filtration efficiency

95% 95%
Dimension 1108×846×251mm 1153×956×251mm

Vent dimension

Φ150mm Φ150mm


42kg 45kg

Applicable area

80-120㎡ 120-170㎡

Airflow- Static pressure curve

FX ERV airflow staticpressure curve

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